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It is essential to follow the enclosed instructions and to read (and respect) the user manual supplied with our slicers. Mainly for safety reasons, but also for the slicer to work in optimum conditions.



The slicer should be installed on a work surface that has sufficient stability and strength to support the weight of the machine, and always maintaining the appropriate height from the floor, as shown in the figure.






CAUTION: The slicer is heavy. Two persons are required when lifting or moving it. The machine must be hold by the points indicated at the figure




1. Make sure that the line voltage of your main power source matches the rated voltage of the machine shown at the rating plate.

2. Do not turn on the slicer if the cord or plug is damaged.

3. Always plug the machine to a grounded outlet.

4. The fuse in the outlet plug must have between 3 and 6 amperes.

5. The outlet plug should remain at a height from the floor in between 0,6 or 1,9 m., and should remain at sight in a way to be seen by the user.

6. At three-phase models, if it is necessary a change of voltage, see operation manual.

7. The machine must be connected to a leakage current breaker.

8. At three-phase models, it is necessary to check the sense of rotation as the correct one, so that it should be the opposite sense as of the clock, as shown in the signals of the sharpener device ; if this is not correct, there should be a change made to the phases of the plug in order to change the sense of rotation.