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Meat grinders, also known as ‘meat mincers‘, are kitchen appliances which make it possible to grind meat very easily and without the aid of any other accessory. They are usually used to manually make minced meat from whole pieces of meat, which allows a homogeneous product free of tendons, cartilage and other hard parts of the meat. It is a safe, clean and effective way of obtaining minced meat, whether pure or mixed, and avoids the complication of grinding meat with sharp and dangerous knives or utensils.

Although it is a utensil used by butchers, anyone can use a meat mincer for home use. There are two types of meat mincers: the manual ones, which have a crank that you have to turn in order for the meat to pass through and be ground, and the electric ones, which achieve the same result with the push of a button. The main advantage of the manual grinder is that it is much more ecological, since it does not consume any type of electricity, besides that it can be washed without problems, since it does not contain any type of circuit. The electric mincer, on the other hand, is more comfortable and ensures that the driving force of crushing is constant and, therefore, the result is much more homogeneous.

The use of the meat grinder, whether manual or electric, is extremely simple. However, a number of elements need to be taken into account. In the first place, the pieces inserted in the grinder must be clean beforehand and it is convenient that they do not have a size superior to cubes of three or four centimeters of thickness, in order to avoid obstructions in the apparatus. It is also advisable to salt the meat a posteriori, and not before passing the meat through the structure, as it could damage it or remain stuck to the mincer and end up obstructing it. It is also advisable to pass the meat in small batches and several times, until it has a smooth and homogeneous consistency.

Finally, and as a small trick for the kitchen, when using the meat mincer it is interesting to try to keep the strips of meat that come out in a single cylinder. Once the meat comes out continuously, without breaking, we wrap it in transparent film and cut the meat into slices, in order to find the optimum texture: a minced and aerated meat, without weighing, that keeps all its properties.

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