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The centenary food company Argal, which was born in a small butcher’s shop in the famous Estafeta Street in Pamplona, has chosen to use one of our slicers in its latest advertising spot. This is another example of the recognition and confidence that many companies have in Braher products.

Braher, with more than 65 years of experience in the sector, has earned a reputation for offering high quality, easy to use and efficient slicers. In addition, our slicers are known for their durability, making them ideal for a wide range of businesses.

Braher is proud to offer high quality meat slicers and hopes that this appearance in advertising will further contribute to our brand awareness.

The spot was filmed at the Argal factory, where the Bonnatur range is made, with the intention of showing the reality of the brand and highlighting the people involved in the process of making its products.

“We have opened the doors of our house. We have entered our factory, with our workers. People very involved with the company, with many years of seniority, have participated. It has been a very special filming for us. We have shown the soul of Argal”, explains Meritxell Domingo, marketing director at Argal.

The campaign, which has a spot that is already being broadcast on television, will also have a digital presence with shorter formats and extra content on the brand’s social networks that has already been published a few days ago, to show the ins and outs of this very special project that has brought the brand’s workers to the forefront.