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In line with the increasing automation of processes, BRAHER INTERNACIONAL has implemented a new option “electronic slice counter” for its semi-automatic slicers model MA-300/350.

From now on all our customers have the possibility to incorporate this option to this slicer model, an interface to program the number of slices that the slicer should cut automatically. The slicer will switch off once it has cut the programmed number of slices, allowing the operator to make equal batches of product with total precision and minimising cutting time.

There is also the possibility for the display to show the number of slices the slicer is making, allowing the operator to decide to stop when the desired number of slices has been reached.



This electronic improvement does not mean a reduction in the cutter’s water resistance ratings, as a modern, completely watertight and waterproof device has been installed.

BRAHER, a leading national manufacturer, is continuously developing and adapting all its products to the most demanding market needs, thus making them easier and more productive to operate.

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