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Toute l'information sur nos produits

In this video, we proudly showcase our meticulously crafted P-22/82 and P-32/98 fully built stainless steel meat mincers, a testament to our commitment to precision and quality manufacturing. These exceptional machines are proudly produced in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

The demonstration begins with the disassembly of the P-32/98 inox unger 3 (double cut) model. Noteworthy in the Unger system is the robustness that allows for a secure tightening of the nut. As the components are expertly taken apart, viewers gain insight into the inner workings of this powerful meat mincer, appreciating the attention to detail in its construction.



Next in line is the disassembly of the P-22/82 inox Enterprise single cut model. Here, a crucial tip is shared – caution is advised when tightening the nut in the Enterprise system. Unlike the Unger system, it is emphasized not to overtighten the nut, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the machine. The careful handling and disassembly reveal the intricate design of the P-22/82, showcasing the precision engineering that goes into every aspect of its production.