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The work of butchers is an art and you cannot practice this profession without acquiring practical knowledge. A good butcher must have extensive knowledge of the different types of meat fillets such as tenderloin, sirloin, chops…. There are many different types of cuts and also many types of meat, so it is very important to give each meat the cut it needs, always taking into account the tastes and needs of our customers. You can get butchering training at professional schools, but either you have a good teacher or you need many hours of practice with meat. To be a good butcher you usually need both!

If you’re starting a butcher shop business, it’s usually interesting to first work with a professional butcher as an apprentice. He will surely introduce you to all the essential pros and cons you will need to start this business.

At Braher we have many types of customers. From large shopping centres and meat companies to small butcher shops and delicatessens.

We have special affection for each and every one of our customers, but the small butcher always acquires a much closer relationship with his equipment. For example, Federico from Uruguay (from the Carnivery butcher’s shop) shows us his Braher grinder with special affection in his Instagram:



As we said, once you have learned the butcher’s trade if you decide to open your own butcher shop or meat processing facility, you will need the right tools and equipment for the job. We understand that when looking for new equipment it can be a little confusing with different brands and sizes of equipment. At Braher we have hundreds of satisfied customers and many years of experience in meat mincers and meat slicers.

We have a large inventory of equipment, parts and supplies for our customers. Contact us and we will be able to offer you the advice you need.

We also show you a video where Federico tells us how his business was born and what is the secret in the sale of meat.