PR Mincers


  • Mincer constructed of stainless steel 18/8
  • Three phase motor 230 /400 V, with cooling fan, maintaining a low operating temperature.
  • Bowl group entirely of stainless steel with ENTERPRISE system (PR-32) and UNGER system (PR-98).
  • Bowl group easily removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Option: Reverse rotation.


  • It is equipped with a cooling system with an electronic thermostat which keeps the product between 0º and 5º C.
  • Easy access to internal parts for a fast assistance.
  • Cooling gas R134A with a charge of 110 gr.
  • Cooling circuit installed in the tray (5 sides) protected with a transparent cover, hole of the tray and bowl group.
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Product Description

A 75 106
B 525 556
KG 65 65
H.P./C.V. III 3 3
Ø mm. 100 98
Kg/h. 400/450 400/450

Serial number: PR MINCERS
Model: PR-32
PR-32 INOX. “CE” III 400V 3CV
Reference: PR32-02
Diameter: 100 (mm)

Serial number: PR MINCERS
Model: PR-98
PR-98 INOX. “CE” III 400V 3CV
Reference: PR98-02
Diameter: 98 (mm)