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Experience the Precision Power of the Braher MA-300/350

Designed with professionals in the meat and fish industry in mind, this automatic slicer provides a robust and efficient solution for butchers, charcutiers, and anyone looking to enhance their business with a high-performance machine.


Specialized Features:

1. Gear Transmission for Unmatched Durability:

  • Gear transmission system ensures stable and durable operation.
  • Stainless steel construction guarantees strength and robustness, ideal for demanding environments.


2. Adjustable Blade to Suit Your Needs:

  • 300 or 350-millimeter blade for precise cuts on a variety of meat and fish products.


3. Smart Functions for Complete Control:

Slicer Counter:

  • Easy configuration with buttons <<, ^^, and “mode.”
  • Speed of up to 33 cuts per minute for efficient production.
  • Continuous mode for uninterrupted operation.
  • Automatic shutdown if 0 slices are indicated, optimizing energy consumption.

4. Easy Cleaning for Impeccable Hygiene:

  • Designed for easy cleaning, crucial in food handling environments.
  • Detailed procedure to ensure hygiene, with specific recommendations for blade cleaning.


5. Efficient Maintenance with Integrated Lubrication and Sharpening:

  • Simple lubrication of the carriage axis with food-grade mineral oil.


  • Integrated sharpener with sharpening stone and deburring plate to keep the blade in optimal condition.

Perfect for Professionals: The Braher MA-300/350 Automatic Slicer is the ideal choice for those in the meat and fish industry. Its robust design, coupled with intelligent features, facilitates not only precise cutting but also efficient business management. For butchers and charcutiers seeking a reliable and powerful tool, the Braher MA-300/350 becomes an indispensable ally. Discover efficiency in every cut and simplify your workday with this advanced automatic slicer.