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Before lubricating the cutter, clean and dry all areas where lubrication is required.

Use ISO VG 15, white mineral oil (e.g. ENERGOL WM2-BP).

Do not use vegetable oil.

It is understandable to want to use the cheapest solution, and many people may be tempted to use mineral or vegetable oil to lubricate their unit. Although these oils are cheap, they are a poor choice for your machine.

Reasons not to use vegetable oil in your meat and deli slicer:

  • These oils are quite viscous and sticky, so they can create an unsafe working environment
  • Food debris can adhere to them as they remain wet after application. Food particles mixed with the oil can form an abrasive paste that will accelerate wear and tear on your machine
  • This will cost you much more money in the long run, as your machine will require frequent lubrication and possible repair
  • Vegetable oil can grow bacteria that can contaminate your food. This is of particular concern if your machine is a raw meat slicer



Approximately every week it is necessary to lubricate the following elements: the counterweight guide bar and, below the base of the machine, the sliding bar of the carriage.

Periodically, the following areas below the base of the slicer need to be lubricated: the slice thickness regulator cam, as well as the control and the blade regulator shaft.