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Professional slicers are used for precise slicing of sausages, meat, fish, vegetables and even cheese.

A simple task? No. It is not a simple thing to get a slicer that offers high cutting precision and that are also capable of ensuring safety and a high level of hygiene.

Whether you need to use them in a kitchen, a deli, a butcher’s shop or a general grocery store, the fact is that you need professional slicer to evenly cut a wide variety of products: from sausages to fresh and frozen meat.

How do you know which are the best professional slicers?


Lorsqu’il s’agit d’outils qui sont en contact avec les aliments, l’hygiène doit primer. Chez Braher, vous trouverez des trancheurs à viande spécialement conçus pour faciliter les opérations de nettoyage, ainsi qu’une excellente protection des surfaces en acier inoxydable. En fait, nous utilisons des matériaux qui ont une déclaration de conformité alimentaire certifiée.




Safety must be an essential element. At Braher, our slicers have:

  • detachable elements to allow a completely safe and thorough cleaning
  • CE certification in relation to safety standards
  • the reduction of the loading height, which considerably reduces the operator’s effort, guaranteeing a greater agility of movement.



Whatever field you work in, you can’t do without a machine that cuts evenly. What would your customers do if they were faced with uneven slices of ham? They would probably not be very happy with the result. If you choose Braher, you have a wide range of slicers with different blade diameters to ensure perfect slicing precision.