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Refrigerated meat mincers are ideal for maintaining a constant temperature of the minced meat.

Maintaining a constant temperature during meat processing considerably improves hygiene and preserves the organoleptic properties of the minced meat.

Refrigeration ensures the cold chain and helps to reduce the bacterial load, which makes it possible to preserve the meat better and keep it longer.

The use of a meat mincer equipped with a refrigeration system has the following advantages :

– the colour of the meat
– organoleptic characteristics
– the nutritional properties of minced meat

In our catalogue we have the PR chopper model. Professional refrigerated mincer which is available in two models :



Refrigerated mincer PR Braher :

  • It is equipped with a refrigeration system that allows the product to be kept between 0º and 5º centigrade.
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Quick and easy access to internal parts
  • Refrigerant gas R134A. With a charge of 110 grams.
  • Cooling circuit protected by a transparent cover

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