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When buying a professional meat slicer, you should consider that it must be capable of processing large quantities of cold cuts. Braher slicers are capable of carrying out this task in an efficient, fast and agile manner, achieving the perfect cut for each type of cold meat.

Braher slicers have great versatility contained in compact dimensions that make them ideal for cutting cold cuts and cheese in a professional and demanding manner.

What are the characteristics of a good professional slicer?


Each Braher professional slicer is built with specific materials and characteristics based on the type of use it will be given; professional slicers for pre-cooked foods must have specific characteristics.

Our professional slicers for cold cuts are manufactured taking into account the particular problems related to this type of food.

At Braher we build our professional slicers with anti-corrosive materials (stainless steel) and they have different detachable components, to make cleaning and maintenance easier.


Our slicers are equipped with :
  • High cutting speed and reduced working time
  • No waste of meat thanks to the powerful cutting mechanism
  • Easy cutting due to firm grip and low loading height
  • Compact design and attention to detail make our slicers ideal for industrial operation and also for working in contact with customers.